gregory akerman

"amateurish, tedious, pretentious"



image by Kimberley Freeman

We are two episodes into this wonderful show that I have been working on all year with Steve Cross, Amanda DiGioia & Angus Dunican. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say it is the best podcast that has ever existed. 

A phenomenally silly fantasy adventure show (it's D&D ok - simple as that) that sees three characters thrown together to have some fun. Here's the blurb for episode 1 that i think, nicely sets the scene:

"In our first episode our heroes meet, having answered an advert offering adventure and gold. It’s never made clear what the advert was in, nor how they all happened to arrive at exactly the same time. Magic is probably to blame in some way. They almost fail to enter the pub where questgivers await due to an argument about trees."

If you haven't already gotten involved, do listen, join in and play.