gregory akerman

"amateurish, tedious, pretentious"


"I'm not paid to think, i'm paid to fuck shit up"

I am paid for neither or course. its just a line from the movie mutant chronicles that they liked so very much - they threw in three times. amazing. 

regardless, less of that & more of me. we are at the halfway point of this camden fringe run and so far, it has been quite delightful (a full, in depth synopsis will no doubt feature in the next episode of lazy). i have had an amount of people seeing it - a smashing review & an odd thing.

yeah, and you know that telly thing? i actually did end up on the telly - i didn't say cunt ONCE & drank my body weight in water (you see, i was put in a green room with nought but water - think you've outsmarted me do you londonlive? well you have not accounted for my willingness to be desperate for a wee whist on live telly GREGORY WINS!) and right, and, i stopped myself from correcting the chap when he mispronounced my name. look. i am growing.

where were ew? yes! the show! if you have not yet seen it, come the fuck on down. it simply seems childish that you haven't come. so grow up my love. grow up xxx