gregory akerman

"amateurish, tedious, pretentious"


"The library would still have been burned"

Masterpiece Bookshelf reviews the world's great books through arguments between comedian Gregory Akerman, who has read them, and slightly-more-famous comedian Steve Cross, who hasn't. Steve (founder of Bright Club and Science Showoff) does not believe he needs to read any books, or indeed, anything. Nothing. Instructions - no. Warnings - no. Directions - no. Nothing. His flat is regularly on fire because of this, but he just won't learn. Gregory believes he needs to read all the things. With the ability to quote stuff at situations, surely he will be unburdened of the responsibility of thinking up his own ideas. Somehow he has still not got that job hosting QI. Who will win? Which side shall you take? Listen in bewilderment & rapt excitement as Gregory tries to convince Steve to read many of this world's most famous, beautiful, disgusting and offensive books. Listen in amazement & concerned sympathy as Steve bullies Gregory in an effort to convince him that reading is worthless. The world - it seems - is made up of stories. These stories are often shared between humans through the medium of books, in order to enrich our lives. However dear listener, you can not be expected to take time out of your schedule to read all of these things. that would be ridiculous! This podcast may be able to help. Suggest books for us to read! Tell us off for missing out your favourite bit of your favourite book! Buy us a drink! Commune -

that description about - too big for itunes innit - sounds good though. have a listen