gregory akerman

"amateurish, tedious, pretentious"


"we are the media"

my wonderful, wonderful friends. things are all kicking off on the run up to THE DEATH OF GREGORY AKERMAN - lets bring you up to speed:

the show has been ... i guess, commissioned(?) to be preformed at the London Fortean Society in September. this is single handedly, the most productive thing that has happened to a show before having performed it. i'll bang on more about this AFTER THE AUGUST RUN! get those fucking tickets first yeah?

tomorrow i shall be allowed on live telly. i know. i really do understand, and the answer is i don't know. i can only assume that they mistook me for someone else, however - its too late for them to turn back now! HA. GREG WINS! i shall be on londonlive at about 6:30ish in the afternoon and shall be the very picture of a delightful guest

i say its all kicking off - thats about it.




(buy tickets my children xxx)