gregory akerman

"amateurish, tedious, pretentious"


“Gregory Akerman is not the devil. Last year Gregory was accused of being the devil (and he definitely isn’t). Thanks to Gregory’s petty, small minded nature, he was unable to let this comment slide and, in an attempt to prove this accusation wrong, Gregory shepherds us through a literary history of the devil, from Ahriman, the initial inception of a single personification of evil, to the current attitudes toward evil. Hopefully, by the end we will all see how Gregory categorically is not the devil. Along the journey we meet 17th century philosopher, mystic and travel writer, Emmanuel Swedenborg. With Swedenborg we get to wonder around hell, seeing how the place has absolutely no resemblance to Gregory’s flat. 
Watch the comic critics are already calling “amateurish, tedious and pretentious” (Jay Richardson, The Scotsman) argue his unnecessary and ultimately fruitless case. Its learning, but you know … with jokes and shit.”

I loved this show – like really, really loved this show. I received a five star and a one star review. Following on from CHOHWTSWWKIWH, I concentrated on the learning, the sharing of fascinating information.

One time I did the show there was a drunk catholic girl who decided that she would make the entire show about her and take issue with each and every thing i said. so i spend about 45 minutes of the show controlling her. was a bit awkward to be fair.

(Leading up to this show i did a blog tracing the research. it can be found here)