gregory akerman

"amateurish, tedious, pretentious"

Episode Forty Six: Nightmare Abbey

This week Gregory gets excited as he briefly thinks he has found a wonderful book that seems to smash through all kinds of pretentious bookiness! Only to find out that the author is exactly that kind of pretentious idiot.

Needless to say, Steve is delighted.

Episode Forty Four: Mutiny on the Bounty

I mean, its not really called Mutiny on the Bounty. Its really called: "A Narrative Of The Mutiny, On Board His Majesty's Ship Bounty; And The Subsequent Voyage Of Part Of The Crew, In The Ship's Boat"

But obviously that would be a ridiculous name for the episode.

Do Steve & Greg get drunk and eat bountys? of bloody course they do

Episode Forty Two: The Exorcist

Hello, how are you? I am fine. It's Masterpiece Bookshelf time which can only mean one thing! Gregory has read a book and Steve despises him.

This week, we look at the hellishly spooky book, the "The Exorcist". You know the one, they made a film up of it - which was quite good. Then they made a second film. Not as good. Then a third. Yep. Then a prequal. The decided that the prequal wasn't quite as good as it could be so did a remake of it.

ANYWAY! enjoy xx 

Episode Forty: Gregory Akerman's Teenage Poetry

What gives Steve & Gregory the right to pass judgement on these monumental works of literature? What credentials do they come to this project with that justifies the petty vitriol with which they attack these works of art?

Well, today we find out. Steve & Gregory are joined by poet and all round super human, Ian Bowkett, to have a look at the poetic works of a younger Gregory. Once and for all, he will lay bare his inner most feelings and you will see that, like the greatest works we have heard talk of - Gregory's poetry is utter dog shit. 

Episode Thirty Four: Dracula

This week, Steve & Gregory are joined by Amanda Digioia, Dracula expert. Basically, this means that it will be an exquisite listen for you, filled with real life actual information, but a dreadful time for Gregory as he gets shouted at two people

Episode Thirty Three: The Arabian Nights

This week, our intrepid hero's take on the Arabian Nights. Despite Gregory "King of Controversy" Akerman's best efforts, Steve "King of Reason" Cross manages to keep proceedings nice and calm.

Also, this weeks beverages include the disgusting "Thums Up". Not Thumbs Up, Thums Up. 

God, it's all go isn't it